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Банк резюме РоссииМаркетинговый анализDirector of Marketing and Business Deve
Маркетинговый анализ

Karpinskaya Vyacheslavovna, 1980-03-30

Зарплата: 120 000 руб.

График работы: полная занятость,

Опыт работы: более 5 лет

Образование: высшее

Регион: Москва

Телефон: +7 (910) 6864227

Факс: N\A

Эл. почта: N\A


О себе

Karpinskaya Vyacheslavovna, 1980-03-30, Москва.


  • 2005 - 2008: Marketing-State University diploma with honors . Moscow State University of Management , , .
  • 1997 - 2001: Expert in Commerce in the market of non-ferrous and precious metals and precious stones. Moscow State Institute of Steel and Alloys (Technological University), , .

Места работы

2007 - : Head of Marketing Department,

"Ariel Metal" Organization profile: semi-finished steel products` trading
GOAL: To work in a large commercial or holding structure, preferably in a foreign company or branch. Priority sectors: B2B sector, industry, manufacturing and trading, as an alternative I can consider the scope of services (investment and development company), consulting or other promising areas. The desired nature of the company:
1. In the case of a foreign company: the development and adaptation of the business to a specific Russian market in order to increase profitability, market share, strengthen and hold positions.
2. In a Russian company: the creation and development of promising business lines by effectively using all aspects of marketing tools, as well as the organization and regulation of the internal mechanisms of the business (the interaction of structural subdivisions) and customers and suppliers.
If necessary, ready to organize a marketing department from level zero, implement a new business line, to lead the project, envisaging business diversification and expansion, perhaps starting in the regional markets.
The reason for looking for a job: excelling in an Executive Marketing position so fully realize my skills and knowledge. It is very desirable to use English.

Job responsibilities: Marketing audit of the company, business, and market position. Based on the information gathered and the analysis of the formation of the initial strategic objectives, the formulation of marketing objectives and report to the High Management. The selection and training of marketing specialists, organization and control of tasks, preparation of documentation, regulations, job descriptions, plans, etc. Therefore, gradually charging the company`s aim to being customer-focused. Marketing planning: a plan, budget and timing of tasks. Project planning: description of projects, under implementation, evaluation and performance predictions. Management of internal structures of the organization: smoothening the interaction departments projection for effective team collaboration. Introduction of product planning (optimization of costs associated with trade-purchase process, storage and delivery). Participation in business development strategy, the introduction of new ideas and suggestions, development and organization of the various marketing activities with subsequent analysis and assessment of effectiveness. Evaluation of a commercial block of the organization, adaptation of sales reporting forms for department and assistance in the development of new areas of marketing.

Achievements: creation of Marketing Department, optimization of business process, increase in sales by 200% in a period of four years.

2002 - 2007: Head of Marketing and Advertising Department,

"PromAlumin" Organization profile: semi-finished non-ferrous products` trading
Job Responsibilities: A Guide Division (up to 5 subordinates). The organization of Marketing
Department from "0". The full cycle: from marketing research concept to developing a system for monitoring and evaluating effectiveness. Develop the strategy to work out business expansion. The organization of marketing research (dynamics and market trends, marking of consumer preferences, market analysis, competitive environment). Company and product positioning in the market, brand analysis , pricing, segmentation, analysis of sales dynamics, development corporate identity basic elements, registration of trade mark. Modeling focus groups, brainstorming, group meetings, etc. Implement methods to stimulate sales promotion concepts. Preparation and execution of advertising campaigns and PR-actions, using all types of advertising: printed-media, radio, TV, outdoor advertising, internet, exhibitions, etc. allocation of advertising budget and control its realization. Organization of exhibitions, presentations both local and regional. Supervision of design and content company`s website. Develop incentive programs for Sales Department employees.

Achievements: increased sales by 500% in a period of five years.

Career History: In 2002, I was admitted to the post of sales manager and in the same year was promoted to marketing and advertising manager. In 2004, due to efficiency and achievements was appointed head of the new project - the creation and running of the Marketing Department.

2001 - 2001: Marketing and Sales Manager of precious dental alloys ,

FSUE RPC "Supermetal" Organization profile: precious metals and recycling of industrial wastes
Finding, attracting and expanding clientele. Negotiating, contracting, monitoring, delivering shipments and following accounts receivable. Promotion of the product. Facilitating the obtaining of permission to work with precious metals. Advertising: writing, creating and designing of catalogs and brochures.

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